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[February 19th | 2017]
[ mood | blah ]
[ music | Bruce Springsteen -- Radio Nowhere ]

I miss writing. Not sure if I should do anything about it, considering it took an e-mail saying this account was on the chopping block for me to remember it even existed. Life is complicated. But I do miss it, writing. Characters. Storylines.

What's In a Name: Dark Obsidian [August 20th | 2010]
Pollux Flint
I wanted a character to go by a strong-sounding last name. A one-syllable, quick bite. Flint worked for me: it evokes for me someone stone-faced with a spark of intelligence. Pollux came about because I wanted the sort of first name that one wouldn't really want to use because it sounds awkward, that people might not even know how to pronounce it. It also tied in with the idea of him being a fraternal twin so I eventually named the deceased brother Castor. Almost everyone calls my guy Flint. I imagine when he was younger his parents did, in fact, call him Pollux though maybe even they disagreed on pronunciation. His twin called him Paul; if his nephew ever gets picked up as a character, he'd do the same.

Maeve 'Nana' Riley
Maeve is anglicized from the Gaelic word for 'intoxicating' and I figured if I was going to play the self-appointed matriarch from an Irish family, particularly one whose base of operations is a bar, the name should have something to do with liquor. I wanted a good grandmotherly handle that would fit the culture again, so Nana fit perfectly. I almost used Riley as the first name of a male character but I used it here instead because I could claim it was an offshoot of the O’Reilly clan without having to use the 'O,' leaving more Irish name options for other players.

Lex Triron
Aleksey Illyovich Triron. I went with Lex as the shortened version instead of Alex just because I liked it better but as you can tell, I wanted a full Russian-sounding name with the option to sound less so for a young man not entirely reassured by his heritage. The patronymic middle names is because I was thinking of Illya Kuryakin. The surname of Triron actually is Slavic. I had Lex be able to trace his roots through several smaller countries of the former Soviet Union.

Godfrey Nertz
I needed his name to sound ridiculous. Just absolutely laughable for a character who is in a position of vague power but is a complete and utter flop professionally and personally both. Nertz just seems like a boozehound sound -- I say it aloud and can imagine it as a noise you'd make when you're trying not to vomit -- and it kind of fits a crazy noir character. Godfrey, in combination with it, is hardly much better, is it?

Dead Dial [July 6th | 2010]
[ mood | disappointed ]

This is radio nowhere... is there anybody alive out there?

[May 13th | 2010]
[ mood | sick ]
[ music | Guster -- Manifest Destiny ]

Hey. You folks out there. You guys have any coding advice? Any comms you particularly like to use? I need to spiff up this journal and do a CDJ and all sorts of stuff and I could use a hand.

Note To Self [May 10th | 2010]
Stuff to do with this journal. More for my own devices than yours, though if you've something helpful to add, chime in on a comment:

--find/make a friends-only banner
--add more icons
--create a 'drop box' of sorts for non-friends to leave a comment in order to reach me, just in case
--a f-locked post with my contact information
--then a private post containing contact info for all RPG players I associate with
--character directory for all characters and games
--post for each of the four games I'm currently a part of
--transfer over a few pieces of writing from LJ
--join 'rpvents' comm
--coding, help with such, blah blah blah

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Tester [May 9th | 2010]
First post in a new journal. Trying out an IJ to keep all of my characters in order, post awards, connect OOC with people. We'll see how that goes.

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